Jim Mitchell, Sgt. US Army, Combat Vet

"I originally joined the YWI program to improve my physical strenght and flexibility. My twice weekly practice has become the core mechanism for my stability and well being. I recommend the Yoga Warriors program to all combat vets and first responders."

YWI Testimonial: Jana York, MS


I thoroughly enjoyed the PTSD and the Mind Body Connection training that you recently hosted in Portland, Oregon. I was amazed at how much knowledge I received in two days. You have developed this curriculum with clarity and an ease of understanding and one that motivates us to offer healing through yoga. I am inspired by your compassionate wisdom. Thank you so much for your dedication. The positive affirmations are so instrumental.
Thank you for providing the e-mail list as it will certainly help to create a network of sharing.


I enjoyed meeting all of you and am very impressed with your passion to work with Veterans and others in need of healing. I am the one that works with the Medical clinic on a small Army base at Camp Zama, Japan. I have been working with an Army Internal Medicine Physician, Commander that has a wonderful passion for mindfulness. Over the past 3 years we have provided some Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses to US Army Soldiers, Department of the Army Civilian and Japanese employees. The 8 week course is modeled after the MBSR of University of Mass Center for Mindfulness and includes mindful meditation, gentle hatha yoga, etc, all focusing on the breath and being in the present moment. We are currently working survey data and hopefully will be published in the near future. Our initial results showed a decrease in stress and anxiety, along with an increase in improved sleep and outlook on life.

I invite you all to join our Facebook page so you can see the face of us and articles supporting mindfulness and yoga. I would like to share articles from time to time on the neuroscience, and other studies that support the benefits of mindfulness and yoga. I hope you will share your insights and experiences as well.

Facebook: Zama Mindfulness Community http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zama-Mindfulness-Community/546508275369726...

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and share two amazing days in Portland.


Jana York, MS
Health Promotion Educator
Bldg 681, Room 104
Camp Zama, Japan
DSN (315) 263-5050/2004

J Farmer, Army Soldier & Spouse

"Seriously Yoga Warriors is a good way for soldiers to relax and calm their senses through all the things we go through. Highly recommend this."

Spc. Jadean, Army National Guard

"It was great, it’s my first yoga class and I loved it. I notice my bad attitude tend to calm down a little."

Yoga Warriors International™ Trainings

Great Manual
Great Modeling by instructors
Great experiential experience
Fabulous support!

Marcelle, Yoga Warriors training in Boston with Lucy

M. Zarzecki (Vietnam)

"I am better able to deal with the stress of living in our society. Through the loving kindness taught at the Central Mass Yoga "Yoga Warriors" classes I am better at forgiving myself of the terrible pain I caused as a combat Vietnam Veteran. I am not working on feeling. I deserve it."

Debra A

I came to this training to learn the skills to teach and help veterans heal. I came away from this with much personal healing. The training was clear, organized, and interesting. The training manual is extremely user-friendly. Lucy is an excellent teacher, whose experience and compassion shine through from the beginning.

P. Garry (Vietnam)

"I have less stress, more flexibility and feel better being with my peers. My anger and temper is so much more in control."

C Rhodes, Army spouse

"What a blessing this yoga class and all those associated (Diane, the teachers and the participants) have been in my life. We are all getting stronger together, it's amazing. Thank you for your courage and strength. Have a blessed day."

YWI Testimonial - Bev Hurt

Hi Lucy,

I completed the Yoga Warriors Atlanta training with Dharma Richards in March of this year. The information I learned has added a new dimension to the class I having been leading at the VA Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. The class is going strong but one of the drawbacks is that it is only for vets receiving services at
the hospital. Because of this I felt led to find a spot and offer a free YW community class that would be open to all vets and their guests.

One evening at a regular yoga class I teach I shared about my Yoga Warrior experience and the desire to expand the classes. The next day a gentleman from a local VFW Post contacted me about hosting a class. One of their members had been in my regular class and recommended he call me. Today, Thursday, May 23, was the first class at the VFW Post. Nine folks attended. Three of the vets were excited because they were able to bring their wives to practice with them. The wives were pretty happy too. My vision is to continue to expand the free YW classes to other locations throughout the Louisville community. We sure are off to a good start.

Each time I lead a Yoga Warriors class I am humbled and blessed. I get back so much more than I give. Thank you for offering the training to make this happen.

Just had to share my excitement with you!


Bev Hurt

G. Aziz (WW2)

"I am motivated to continue coming. I am impressed with our instructor."

Edmund DeStefano

Once I retired from the fire department I was looking for an exercise program to stay in shape, maintain flexibility, strength stamina and to reduce stress. I was informed that the Warrior Yoga program at CMYW has what I am looking for, after considerable consideration I decided to join the Warrior Yoga in August 2015.

In the last four months since practicing Warrior Yoga I have noticed considerable improvements by reaping the benefits of my body complete health,and personal well being physically and mentally.
I wish other emergency services personnel could reap the benefits of Warrior Yoga, as they are placed into the most stressful situations.

D. Harris, Army Soldier

"I fell asleep because I was so relaxed. I’m calmer, more flexible and coping has increased. I like it a lot….enough said."

K Matinsen, NC National Guard, Yellow Ribbon Program

"The Yoga Warrior classes helped me to relax and taught me some techniques to use in everyday life not to be so tense."

D. Ebron, Veterans wife

"In the beginning it was hard, now I enjoy every class. My husband and I have benefited each class because we are calmer now and it’s helped our marriage. We have learned how to breathe again."

Yoga Warriors International™ Trainings

Fascinating, enlightening and very powerful. I recognized certain reactions and responses in myself as we covered various topics and experienced the flow and postures. Judy YWI training September 2014 with Lucy

M. Dziokonski (Vietnam)

"I have found yoga/meditation to be a major tool in the management of combat related PTSD. Over the years my sleeping habits and anger management has improved."

Cheryl, Norwich, CT


Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I wore my "Yoga Warriors" shirt all day today (my advertising for the area), talking with great passion about the weekend and the vision I have for this area. I feel prepared, ready to go, solid. Your approach is calming and gentle, informative and thorough. The handouts you provided offer great support and provide the opportunity for me to continuously review and practice. If ever you invite interns and need assistants for any workshops, please think about me. I will be there.

I have deep respect for you, and now have hope and contentment combined for the path ahead.

May calm peace fill your spirit,

Norwich, CT

Yoga Warriors International™ Trainings

Loved having the veterans at the training. Michael's talk meant so much. I learned many, many great things. Thank you for sharing your incredible work to teach more of us to do this much needed work. Catherine September 2014 YWI training

C King, Retired USAF

"I’ve been able to cope more. This is something to look forward to. Great classmates."

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