P. Harris, US ARMY

"I noticed my mind and body change. I loved the stretching. Sleeping better on Tuesday nights and on yoga day I eat better and I feel calmer. This was worth every stretch and muscle pull. I think I even look better."

P. Malboeuf (Vietnam)

"This is a wonderful program! My sleep and anger management has improved. I have peace of mind and body!"

Maxine Deutschendorf

"I use YW techniques in classes I teach at two of the hospitals here in the mental/behavioral health departments. Recently I had a veteran who was a former Seal. He was suffering from PTSD . He has latched onto some of the YW techniques and other yogic techniques as well....he LOVES yoga. Thank you for your program." Maxine Deutschendorf certified YWI teacher

L. Ebron, Retired Marine

" This class gives you a chance to wind down each week, relax and stretch you mind and your body."

C King, Retired USAF

"I’ve been able to cope more. This is something to look forward to. Great classmates."

CPT B. Wynn, Commander, B Company 1-252 CAB

"Yoga Warriors has been amazing! It's become a key part of my overall physical training plan, and has given me stress relieving tools that I use every day. I would strongly encourage returning vets to incorporate this as part of their reintegration."

E. Bussell, Spouse of a National Guardsman

"This is a gentle, non-invasive way to begin dealing with any PTSD or combat-related stress or reintegration stress as a service member or spouse."

M. Patterson, SFC NC Army National Guard Retired 30 years

"This class has been outstanding after coming back from Iraq this has been the best I have felt."

YWI Testimonial - Bev Hurt

Hi Lucy,

I completed the Yoga Warriors Atlanta training with Dharma Richards in March of this year. The information I learned has added a new dimension to the class I having been leading at the VA Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. The class is going strong but one of the drawbacks is that it is only for vets receiving services at
the hospital. Because of this I felt led to find a spot and offer a free YW community class that would be open to all vets and their guests.

One evening at a regular yoga class I teach I shared about my Yoga Warrior experience and the desire to expand the classes. The next day a gentleman from a local VFW Post contacted me about hosting a class. One of their members had been in my regular class and recommended he call me. Today, Thursday, May 23, was the first class at the VFW Post. Nine folks attended. Three of the vets were excited because they were able to bring their wives to practice with them. The wives were pretty happy too. My vision is to continue to expand the free YW classes to other locations throughout the Louisville community. We sure are off to a good start.

Each time I lead a Yoga Warriors class I am humbled and blessed. I get back so much more than I give. Thank you for offering the training to make this happen.

Just had to share my excitement with you!


Bev Hurt

Yoga Warriors International™ Trainings

I feel comfortable that I could teach a class of veterans. I have the knowledge I need and the understanding of what veterans need. Allison September 2014 YWI training in Boston.

Yoga Warriors International™ Trainings

Fascinating, enlightening and very powerful. I recognized certain reactions and responses in myself as we covered various topics and experienced the flow and postures. Judy YWI training September 2014 with Lucy

Yoga Warriors International™ Trainings

The classroom was so perfect and relaxing. Having the veterans start class with us! The YWI technique, postures, affirmations, using props was great. This was the first time I have used them! WOW! easy to learn in this type of setting. It was wonderful! Karen YWI training in Boston with Lucy

Captain Alicia Carey

"I wanted to say thank you for sending the yoga straps to my deployed base in southwest Asia. I attend every Yoga Warriors class I can here, and it makes all the difference."

Raymond Belsito

The Yoga Warriors Program located in West Boylston, MA has had quite an impact on my life. As an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War, I had both physical and social issues upon my return. After attending a few classes provided by Lucy Cimini , Yoga instructor as well as a founder of the Yoga Warriors Program, I found my back pain was no longer the huge problem it had been for me since Vietnam. Her kind words of encouragement and professionally structured program including meditation, relaxed me like nothing before.
I have been attending the Yoga Warriors Program for several years now and have felt the benefits of less physical pain and a more relaxed outlook on life. An additional benefit from Lucy’s program has been the interaction of veteran’s with each other, a common bond is realized. I have made many friends there. If it were not for this program, and Lucy’s dedication to it none of these good things would have happened to me.

M. Dziokonski (Vietnam)

"I have found yoga/meditation to be a major tool in the management of combat related PTSD. Over the years my sleeping habits and anger management has improved."

Jim Mitchell, Sgt. US Army, Combat Vet

"I originally joined the YWI program to improve my physical strenght and flexibility. My twice weekly practice has become the core mechanism for my stability and well being. I recommend the Yoga Warriors program to all combat vets and first responders."

J Farmer, Army Soldier & Spouse

"Seriously Yoga Warriors is a good way for soldiers to relax and calm their senses through all the things we go through. Highly recommend this."

A Tyson, NC National Guard, Company Commander.

"I went to my first class totally burned out and wondering how I was going to make it through the rest of the week. I left feeling put back together, re-energized and totally at peace. I knew yoga was supposed to be good but I didn't know it would be this amazing! Highly recommended to everyone."

M. Zarzecki (Vietnam)

"I am better able to deal with the stress of living in our society. Through the loving kindness taught at the Central Mass Yoga "Yoga Warriors" classes I am better at forgiving myself of the terrible pain I caused as a combat Vietnam Veteran. I am not working on feeling. I deserve it."

D. Harris, Army Soldier

"I fell asleep because I was so relaxed. I’m calmer, more flexible and coping has increased. I like it a lot….enough said."

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