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Yoga Warriors International is headquartered at Yoga Garden in Apex, NC..

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About Yoga Warriors Classes

Yoga Warriors classes are taught to active duty military, veterans, first responders and their families, and others who have experienced PTS or high stress. Central Mass. Yoga & Wellness teaches Yoga Warriors classes at its studio in West Boylston, MA. Classes are also held throughout the United States, Canada, and to deployed military.

Typical Yoga Warriors Class
A Yoga Warriors class may include: centering, breathing, readings from yoga masters, postures, meditation, restorative postures, and final relaxation. Carefully selected breathing exercises promote calming. Carefully chosen postures balance the nervous system. Positive affirmations paired with postures address the autonomic nervous system, increasing relaxation. Setting and word choice are carefully chosen to promote a sense of safety. Postures that can trigger bad memories are avoided.

Benefits of Yoga Warriors Classes
• Lowers state and trait anxiety
• Improves anger management skills
• Increases self-calming ability
• Helps participants recognize and safely release emotions without judgment
• Brings participants back to the present by reconnecting mind to body

Why It Works
Military, Veterans, First Responders and others who have experienced very intense periods of terror and trauma, may get stuck in a constant state of “flight or fight”. When they are away from the traumatic experience, that fight or flight response may not turn off, making the transition to “normal” life very difficult.

Yoga Warrior classes can help “unfreeze” bad memories or gently unlock rigidly held memories in ways that normal talk therapy might not. The feelings may be too complex for words or the person may find it difficult to talk about their feelings. The speech center of the brain often shuts down during trauma leaving the right brain to record the event in visual images or as other isolated sensory events – they may literally not have the words to speak of the trauma. Encouragement to “talk about it” can start a tailspin of flashbacks, nightmares, and overwhelming anxiety.

Yoga Warrior classes help reduce hyper-arousal and evoke the relaxation response which is the body’s antidote to the stress response, because it causes the release of neurotransmitters in the body, creating a soothing effect.

Yoga Warrior classes allow participants to safely release and express stored emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, sadness and grief so they can better understand, make peace with, and manage those feelings. Through Yoga Warriors classes, the mind is allowed to safely associate the body with pleasant sensations, which is important for traumatized individuals who associate their bodies with unpleasant sensations due to traumatic experiences.

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