Yoga Warriors International is the first and largest program in the nation for healing combat veterans through yoga. ​​​

Yoga Warriors is a research and teacher training program with a twofold mission. First, we provide evidence-based hatha yoga to prevent or alleviate symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) or Combat Stress (COSR). Second, we are committed to the comprehensive training of yoga instructors equipped to teach this methodology to veterans, military, first responders and others who have experience PTS or high stress.

We have over 420 Yoga Warriors Certified Teachers

throughout the United States, Canada and beyond!


Yoga Warriors skillfully integrates concepts from yoga therapy, traditional yoga philosophy, and psychology.

Yoga Warriors teacher training is designed to provide advanced knowledge and practical tools for yoga teachers working with combat veterans diagnosed with COSR or PTSD. Our method skillfully integrates concepts from yoga therapy, traditional yoga philosophy, and psychology, with current scientific knowledge of the body and mind to promote health and well-being.

Are you an active duty military, veteran, or first responder who has experienced  PTS or high stress?

Are you an active duty military, veteran, or first responder who has experienced  PTS or high stress?

Yoga Warriors classes integrate concepts of traditional hatha yoga with modern knowledge of the mind/body. Our methodology is helping active duty military, veterans, first responders and their families, and many others who have experienced PTS or high stress. Unlike other yoga disciplines and treatment modalities, Yoga Warriors was designed specifically to help veterans suffering from PTS or COSR and developed from years of feedback from veterans diagnosed with PTS.


Yoga Warriors organizes Teacher Training sessions with yoga studio owners and yoga teachers for training at their location. View our teacher training schedule to find a session that works for you or find out more about hosting a session at your location.


The study was the brainchild of Major Greuel, after recognizing the need for empirically-based methodologies to ease the transition from "battle-ready" in preparation or response to a threat, back to a normal arousal state once the requirement for vigilance has passed...

Nearly one in five Vietnam veterans suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — and nearly one in 10 was still suffering 11 to 12 years after the war, a new study finds. That's fewer PTSD cases than once feared.


Lucy Cimini, YWI Teacher Trainer

Yoga Warriors Founder and Director of Central Mass Yoga & Wellness

Dharma Richards, YWI Teacher Trainer

Yoga Warriors Director and Director of Yoga Garden of Apex

Jon Greuel, YWI Teacher Trainer

Major, USAF Ret

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