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Yoga Warriors is operating on a very minimal budget despite having received national media exposure. The recently completed research study was done through volunteer efforts. Our vision is to expand the national teacher training program by establishing an academy in NC. The student training (teacher certification) at the academy would be eventually be funded by the government and enable teachers to become certified to work with combat stress and PTS 'students', both active-duty personnel and vets. Getting this vision into reality is going to cost money.


If we follow the pattern from previous wars, vets will continue to develop symptoms that have to be addressed. It is not hard to imagine the problems getting worse, not better. Proliferation of the Yoga Warriors, evidence-based method is essential in that fight. Funding an academy will enable teachers in the military to deploy with their units and teach classes at home.


There are civilian yoga teachers currently paying for their own certification and working for free. The PTSD problem will not be solved this way. We must invest if we are going to realistically address the scale of the problem adequately. To get serious about helping vets with PTS, we need to fund the effort with vigor.


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Donations by check may be sent to:

Yoga Garden, c/o YWI, 101 E. Chatham Street Apex, NC 27502



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